Customer Reviews

“We’ve been with Syncwave since it’s early days. Always had very knowledgeable and helpful people to fill our needs. Recently had an upgrade installed and James took extra time to make sure my internet was operating up to speed. He was very gracious and courteous. Keep up the great work guys!”

– Markeen Gillette via Google Reviews

“Very good Internet and very reliable. Has no issues with using sling on 3 tv’s while kids play PS4 and Xbox online all at the same time.”
– Brent Nichols via Google Reviews

“Excellent wifi providers for our rural home! Office receptionist is awesome, helpful & knowledgeable too.”

– Carol Hobson-Payne via Google Reviews

“Great company to work with. They always do their best to make sure you have the best experience possible. Reasonably priced for the services they offer.”
– Derek Eaton via Google Reviews

“Very knowledgeable technicians, offer many services besides internet and phone at SyncWave. A good place to go for computer repair & security cameras.”

– Terri Manning via Google Reviews

“Best internet ever!!! Great customer service and very knowledgeable in what they do.”
– Marc Jon via Google Reviews

“Quick and professional installation, good service, easy to work with.”

– Jen Ely via Google Reviews

“Have had SyncWave for almost a year now, and i just upgraded to the highest tier. I am super happy with the service and is by far the best alternative to Charter in our local area. They have fantastic customer service and have absolutely no issues.”
– Dustin Hinkle via Google Reviews

“Great people to deal with. Always prompt to any questions.”

– Lyana Christoffersen via Google Reviews

“Great service technical support is awesome.”
– Douglas Black via Google Reviews

“SyncWave and their technicians are amazing ! We purchased a new house and wanted to continue with their amazing service. With one phone call the transition and installation from one house to another was flawless and easy!”

– Doug Tiffany via Facebook Reviews

“Stellar service, knowledgeable and prompt. Had an issue with a tower this weekend and within 2 hrs it was up and running. I have had many other ISP’s but never one with this level of dedication to their customers.”
– Marcos Seymour

“This place has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you SyncWave for treating your long time customers just as good as your new customers unlike other businesses.”

– John Areklet via Facebook Reviews

“Great service! They went above and beyond to get my service working. Our first interruption in years of service. Thank you so much!”
– Ronda Wendt Schultz via Facebook Reviews