Equipment Pro

Plan ahead, get the support and coverage you need now.

Equipment Pro

Equipment Pro is a support package that gives you the best possible SyncWave experience. A SyncWave-provided router, replacement parts, remote support, and more are all part of Equipment Pro. With this support program, residential customers can have the peace of mind knowing that the most common costs that result from a repair will be covered under this new program. Enroll today by contacting SyncWave!

Remote Technical Support

Whether you’re trying to connect a new device or if you need help solving a problem with your WiFi network, our team can help without needing to visit your home.

Router Replacement*

Routers can fail. If we can’t fix it remotely, stop by our office to exchange it for a new dual band router at a reduced cost of only $50.00.

Replacement Dish**

When the problem is with your outdoor dish or its power supply, we will cover the cost of replacing any parts. This also includes dish reprogramming when needed.

Replacement Phone ATA***

If you have SyncWave Voice, replacements of your phone’s ATA will be covered.

Aerial Platform Work

If you go offline and we need to take a physical look at your dish with our aerial platform truck, then you do not need to worry about paying the $65.00 aerial work fee.

SyncWave Core for Your Home

Enjoy the ability of having SyncWave Core’s cloud-hosted WiFi system at no additional charge with the purchase of any needed Core hardware.

Equipment Pro Disclaimers

Equipment Pro is an agreement between you and SyncWave that allows SyncWave to conduct the above mentioned repairs without incurring additional charges to you for those types of repairs or support work. The hourly rate of $65.00/hour does still apply, as well as the cost of $0.50/foot of cable if cable replacement is found to be needed.

* For homes with multiple wireless routers only the first router is covered under this support program.

** Only the main dish that connects directly to SyncWave’s network is covered under this support program.

*** Fax ATA’s are not covered under Phone ATA’s.

Equipment: This support program covers the main dish that connects directly to SyncWave’s network, as well as one wireless in-home router. Dual-band routers are available at a discount for subscribers. Managed wireless systems, multiple in-home wireless routers, point-to-point wireless links, cable midpoints, and other advanced installations are not covered under this plan. Labor and Cable: Labor fees and cable fees are not covered under this support program. Normal rates will apply. Tree climbing is not covered. Chronic Damage: In the event that a cable is damaged and causes an equipment failure, SyncWave reserves the right to not replace or repair any equipment until the customer agrees to have the cable repaired or replaced. In addition, if there is any other chronic problem (e.g. tree growth or destructive animals) that causes service disruption or equipment failure, SyncWave reserves the right to not repair or replace any equipment until the chronic problem is first resolved by the account holder. Remote Support: If a remote support session exceeds an hour in length, then the service may be billed at the normal hourly rate. The repair of advanced technical problems (e.g. data recovery or virus removal) or the repair of devices themselves is not covered. Cancellation: This support program may be cancelled at any time by contacting SyncWave. In the event of cancellation within the first eight (8) months of having Equipment Pro, the customer agrees to pay any costs incurred that were otherwise covered by the support program.  

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